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Nature attractions

Beautiful nature of 7 connected lakes is one of the last remaining oasis of this kind in Dalmatia. Situated just 20 kilometers from Drvenik it’s a prefect place to explore, relax or take part in one of the local adventure tours available at Baćina lakes. A perfect escapade for whole family.

Neretva river delta is one of the most unique deltas in Europe. Famous for it’s sandbars and sandy beaches it’s a great place to visit if you are staying in Drvenik. It’s also one of the most popular kitesurfing spots in Croatia and here you can take Kite surfing courses under certified instructors or you can embark on a further exploration of Neretva valley.


A place you must visit if you are nature and mountain lover. Just 30 kilometers from Drvenik and you are in a completely other world, one with perfect views on Dalmatian coast and nearby islands. Here you can also stand on the top of Dalmatia because peak St. Jure is the highest mountain peak in this region.

Famous places


Split is the capital of Dalmatian region and second largest city in Croatia. With it’s rich cultural heritage and urban events it’s a place you must visit. Split is situated just 1:30 h away from Drvenik and you can take one of the many bus lines passing through Drvenik. Once in Split make sure you explore the old city core and drink coffee at the sea promenade.


Dubrovnik is the place that really doesn’t require much of introduction. One of the most famous Croatian cities is situated just 120 kilometers from Drvenik. Dubrovnik is famous for so much – it’s ancient republic, it has preserved city walls and Game of Thrones was filmed here in which Dubrovnik was King’s Landing. Take a tour in history and make great memories.

Makarska is another larger city in Dalmatia and it’s just little bit more than 30 minutes of driving from Drvenik. Makarska also has rich history and old city core. If you plan to visit it make sure you go around the penisula and take a swim at one of the nearby beaches while admiring the peaks of Biokovo mountain just above the Makarska.


Island with the most sunny hours in Croatia. Perfect for bike exploration and swimming at remote beaches. Ferry to Hvar island departs from Drvenik and the ride lasts only for 30 minutes. Hvar island also has a populated place named Hvar which is the island’s cultural and urban centre.


Mostar is another historical cities in vicinity of Drvenik. To reach Mostar you need to drive for little bit more than one hour and during the trip you need to pass the border because Mostar is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Famous for its old city core and mixture of different culture it’s a place worth visiting and experiencing.


Korčula is well known as birth place of Marco Polo. With its timeless beauty and stone architecture, Korčula city is worth visiting. From Drvenik, you can make a day boat excursion to Korčula.

Adventure & Sports


One of the most relaxing activities you can try in Dalmatia. Whether it’s a sea kayaking or you choose to go kayaking on a river or lake it will definitely charge you inner batteries. It’s also perfect for exploration of the coast during which you will have the opportunity to find your personal remote beach.


Perfect activity for both body and mind. Certified instructors will show you the basics and lead you in the world of rock climbing. Activity is completely suitable for beginners and climbing site is situated just 5 minutes from the hotel Antonija.


Drvenik area has some nice cycling paths, maybe one of the best in Dalmatia. These paths will lead you through the old villages of Riviera Gradac and tell you tales of the way of living in these areas before the tourism age. Our guests have a special opportunity to rent one of our bikes, classic or electric ones.


When you are in Drvenik, Biokovo mountain is inevitable sight. It’s the mountain many admire from the sea but it’s also possible to climb one of its peaks. Just make sure you bring enough water with you and if you are not experienced hiker we suggest taking a guide to take you to some of the most perfect views you can imagine.


Stand up paddling is relatively young sport but it quickly became very popular. You can try this activity at Baćina lakes, just 20 minutes of driving from Drvenik. Instructors will show you the basics of the sport and you’ll be soon paddling through beautiful nature of Baćina lakes.

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If you are real sea lover than you should do one of the boat excursions available in Drvenik area. Most of the tours leave early in the morning and go to nearby islands or Pelješac penisula. There are also some night panoramic tours in which you can ride all along the coast from Drvenik to Gradac.