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Drvenik – jewel of Southern Croatia

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For the first time in the history Drvenik is mentioned in the 13th century as a village at the foot of Biokovo mountain while the oldest building is church of St. George dating back in 15th century.
After the earthquake in 1962, the inhabitants of Upper Drvenik village moved to the coast and settled in two idyllic, sunny bays: the Lower and Upper Bay. Today Drvenik has about 500 inhabitants. In the past, the population has been engaged in agriculture and fishing, and in recent years tourism has lifted as a primary business.

Picturesque promenade takes You to the neighboring town of Zaostrog. Marked pedestrian paths featuring mountain scenery are favorite activities for hikers. Drvenik bays are embellished in miles of pebble beaches in the bay centres or on a remote beaches far from Drvenik. Drvenik is a blend of mountains and the sea and during the swimming in crystal clear Adriatic sea, You can enjoy in beautiful views of Biokovo mountain cliffs. The friendly and hospitable people of Drvenik will brighten Your every day.
Drvenik is an important traffic hub with a ferry port that connects the island Hvar with the coast.